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Tube fittings

Tube fittings – the elements of pipelines, providing pressure tight joints between tubes of same or different diameters, branch out and turn pipelines in any directions. Tube connections can be detachable (tube fittings and adaptors) and non-detachable (welded).

Advantages of tube fittings

Connection of tubes by using adaptors has several advantages, in particular:
  • Easy assembly and further repair of the pipeline;
  • Reliability and leak resistance;
  • Upgradeability;
  • Opportunity of pre-assembling and installation in hard-to-reach places, as well as in dangerous spaces;
  • Wide range of tube fittings affords to assemble any complex hydraulic system;
  • Esthetic view of pipelines;
  • No need to have qualified welders in staff;
  • No need to carry out X-ray control after assembling.
Tube fittings according to DIN 3859-1 are produced from drawn or forged steel, according to DIN 3859 – from yellow metal, acid-resistance or heat-resistance steel, maintaining structural solidity for decades. Zink and chrome electroplating  protects the external fitting’s surface from environmental factors.

To purchase tube fittings from “Hydravia” 

We offer a wide range of tube fittings of different types and sizes. At present moment, all tube fittings are divided into four main groups:
  1. Tube fittings with metric thread and seal cone 24° according to DIN 2353/ISO 8434-1 (sealing is performed by cutting ring and a nut)
  2. Tube fittings with inch thread and seal cone 37° (74°) according to SAE J514 (sealing is performed by tube flaring, a bush and a nut)
  3. Tube fittings with inch thread and 90° seal according to SAE J1453 (sealing is performed by tube flaring, a bush and a nut)
  4. Tube fittings with inch and metric thread and 60° seal according to DIN 3863 (sealing is performed by adaptors).
You can purchase tube fittings, made from carbon or stainless steel. Our company has in stock the widest range of tube fittings and adaptors in Russia. We carry out continuous job, aimed to enlarge out trading stocks, guarantying you the shortest delivery time. 

Tube fittings – popular way of assembling rigid hydraulic tubes, they are produced by such well-known global companies, as Rastelli Raccordi, Trelleborg, VOSS, Larga, ARCO, Hydroscand. But CAST offers the best ratio price/quality. 

We recommend products, supplied by Cast S.p.A. – the leader in manufacturing tube fittings, adaptors, nuts, cutting rings and hose fittings for high pressure hoses.