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Equipment for assembling high pressure hoses and tubes

Correct operation and life time of hydraulic components depend not only on their quality, but also on the equipment, used for assembly and processing the elements of flexible or rigid pipelines. It is essential to choose suitable equipment, which will afford you to manufacture quality products quickly and to avoid possible malfunctions in the hydraulic system.

Equipment for processing high pressure hoses and tubes is intended for implementing different operations with rigid and flexible pipelines.  With our equipment you will be able to carry out the full range of equipment maintenance services for replacing rigid or flexible pipelines with different diameters.

Operational characteristics of equipment for processing high pressure hoses and tubes

Our equipment affords to perform all operations, required for repair and replacement of flexible or rigid pipelines. With the help of equipment for high pressure hoses, you can cut the hose, perform skiving of external or internal rubber layer, pre-assemble fitting on the hose, swage the hose, clean it and test the end product. 

Using the equipment for tube processing, you can carry out 90° and 37° flaring, pre-assemble the cutting ring on a carbon steel or stainless steel tube from 6 up to 42 mm with maximum wall thickness 4 mm. With the help of tube bending machine it is possible to bend a tube with maximum diameter 50 mm at any angle. Using deburring machines, you can easily process both internal and external surface of the tube and remove metal burrs, left after cutting. Multifunctional centers combine all these functions in one machine. 

Equipment for high pressure hoses comprises: 

  • Crimping (swaging) machines

  • Cutting machines

  • Skiving machines (machine for skiving internal and external layer of a high pressure hose)

  • Machines for pre-assembling (fitting’s pusher)

  • Marking machines

  • Washing and filtering equipment 

  • Test benches for quality control of the end product

  • Winding/rewinding devices 

Equipment for processing and assembling the hydraulic tubes: 

  • Flaring machines for 90° and 37° tube flaring;

  • Machines for cutting rings pre-assembly;

  • Tube bending equipment;

  • Deburring machines;

  • Multifunctional centers.

Range of equipment for high pressure hoses and tubes 

Besides stationary machines, we offer you to equip the mobile workshop, which can resolve repair problems at distant workplaces. A lot of machines can operate from pneumohydraulic drive and from 12V power supply. All the introduced equipment is manufactured in Italy. Machine’s components are made from high-quality materials and assembled by qualified specialists, as well as construction engineers, dealing not only with preparation of drawings, but also studying ergonomics. Despite strong competition, ОР S.r.l. Company can be surely called a leader among the producers of equipment for manufacturing flexible and rigid pipelines.

Our advantages:

  1. High quality equipment for crimping high pressure hoses and tube processing; 

  2. Wide range of machines for different applications; 

  3. Multilevel quality control; 

  4. Opportunity to buy equipment on installment terms; 

  5. Maintenance service; 

  6. Low prices on wholesale orders and opportunity to become a distributor.

By purchasing equipment for high pressure hoses and tubes from Hydravia, you will always receive guaranteed, competent and qualified assistance. We will train you, how to work with equipment correctly, and will provide with complete guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance.