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Hose, tube & pipe cleaning system

Ultra Clean is a quick way to clean contaminated hydraulic lines by means of a pneumatic installation and projectile, put into a sleeve or the pipeline. With this system you can keep the pipeline clean, avoiding failures and system downtime.

Recommendation of expulsion:


During cutting the hydraulic sleeve with metal blade dust, metal particles, rubber parts appear on the inside surface of the sleeve. Therefore, every time you have to expulsion the sleeve after cut. This operation is performed prior to installation of the sleeve end connections. For best results blow sleeve on both ends. After molding sleeve blow again. Do not forget to remove a projectile from a hose from after the operation. After removing the projectile put the cap on the end connections.


The hose and pipe should be cleaned of dirt and oil residue if the hydraulic system is damaged. Before start blowing you need disconnect the sleeve from the hydraulic system and assemble a launcher to pipeline for few seconds without inserting any projectile and remove excess contaminated hydraulic fluid with air. Blow pipeline for full clean dirt, rubber and metal particles using projectile. Make visual inspection of used projectile. Repeat the cleaning process as many times as you need.


Before cutting the tube it’s necessary to debur the ends of a tube. If there are rust, weld slag, or other types of corrosion on the inside surface of the tube you need use abrasive projectile as many as you needed to remove traces of corrosion. The deburring of a tube should be done before cleaning operation. To start blowing the tube you need to properly assemble JIC nozzle to the deburred tube end.


We recommend using grinding or abrasive projectiles for blowing pipes made with carbon steel. The projectiles are multiuse that means that you could use them as long as the items will be worn out. After cleaning the tube with grinding projectiles or abrasive projectiles it is necessary to blow it with standard smooth projectiles to remove wastes of the grinding / abrasive projectiles used before. The mentioned procedure should be used only if a tube has relatively smooth surface. To avoid any corrosion you could soak a projectile with chemical agents and treat the internal surface of the tube.