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 Equipment for assembling high pressure hoses and tubes Equipment for assembling high pressure hoses and tubes
Hydraulic hoses Hydraulic hoses
Hydralics fittings Hydralics fittings
Industrial hoses Industrial hoses
Fittings for industrial hoses Fittings for industrial hoses
Thermoplastic hoses Thermoplastic hoses
PTFE teflon hoses PTFE teflon hoses
Fittings for thermoplastic and PTFE hoses Fittings for thermoplastic and PTFE hoses
Ultra-high pressure hoses Ultra-high pressure hoses
Push Lok low pressure hoses Push Lok low pressure hoses
Tube fittings Tube fittings
Swivel joints Swivel joints
Valves Valves
Quick couplings Quick couplings
Stainless steel fittings Stainless steel fittings
Reusable fittings Reusable fittings
Hose protection Hose protection
Hoses for the automotive industry Hoses for the automotive industry
Automotive fittings Automotive fittings
Drilling hoses Drilling hoses
Hydraulic tubes Hydraulic tubes
Hydraulic fracturing hoses Hydraulic fracturing hoses
Plugs for fittings Plugs for fittings
Hose, tube & pipe cleaning system Hose, tube & pipe cleaning system
Seals Seals
Pipe fixing Pipe fixing
Ball valves Ball valves
Internet partnership Internet partnership
Hydraulic testing equipment Hydraulic testing equipment
Retention systems and clamps for hoses Retention systems and clamps for hoses
Lubrication and dispensing equipment Lubrication and dispensing equipment
Miscellaneous tools for houses Miscellaneous tools for houses

Equipment for assembling high pressure hoses and tubes

Hydraulic hoses

Industrial hoses

Tube fittings



Advantages of our company

Experience since 2004

We have never been inactive, we are always up-to-date with the latest developments and keep up with the times. We successfully overcome crisis phenomena thanks to the absence of risky business ideas in our portfolio. Our stability is underpinned by continuous growth in sales, headcount, interests, geography and product range.

Delivery of products to all regions of the Russian Federation and CIS countries

We are a federal company, whose sphere of interest includes every region of Russia, as well as neighboring countries. If your request comes from a remote region, we take into account the competitive environment and remoteness when preparing our offer.

Delivery of products not under order, but from availability from the company's warehouse

you can count on the fact that any product that is part of our stock program will be available in our warehouse or we will give you exact delivery dates in the short term. Our task is to maintain the minimum required volumes of standard products from regular suppliers in our warehouses, rather than urgently searching for similar or like products.

Wide product range

our assortment has more than 50,000 product lines.

Different price categories for products of the same type

working in three classes (Basic, Standard, Professional) allows to cover practically all consumer groups.

Multi-level quality control of incoming products

incoming inspection is a special activity of the quality department, which is one of the most important for the operation of the whole company. Many criteria and procedures have been developed over the years to ensure that customers have no questions about the quantity and quality of the products they receive.

Warranty and service maintenance of supplied products

all products are provided with a warranty, the term of which cannot be less than 1 year (except for special cases) and is set by the manufacturer of goods (and in some cases extended at the expense of our company).

Exclusive representation of nine European manufacturers

which allows us to be sure that our company receives all the necessary support from its suppliers. All of our suppliers grant us official distributor status - we work directly with the manufacturers and receive the necessary technical support from them.

Availability of a testing laboratory

We pay a lot of attention to quality testing of purchased products. Many parameters are checked, from the appearance and geometry of the products to complex impulse testing of the hoses.

Availability of own production base

allows us to be confident in the applicability and compatibility of our products. We not only supply hydraulic components and manufacture our own high-pressure hoses.

Availability of a retail network of H-Point high-pressure hose repair shops

allows us to be closer to the consumer, understand the problems they face, introduce new products and expand our product range.

Provision of technical documentation, catalogs in Russian language

all products are supplied either in accordance with the Russian-language catalogs of our company or accompanied by a translation of the necessary information into Russian.

Free consultation when purchasing equipment

one of our tasks is to improve the quality of service of high-pressure hoses and hydraulic tubes in Russia. In this regard, when purchasing any type of equipment, you will get an opportunity to undergo free consultation on its application with issuance of a certificate confirming your competence.

Production and supply of products under own trademarks

Verso, Powermaster, Traktor allow you to be sure that we value the level of quality, make all necessary efforts to maintain it at the appropriate level, do not allow deviations from the technical parameters and develop unique items, investing in this development financial and other own resources.

High information readiness of the company

we have all the product information you need - from 3D drawings of the fittings to the results of complex technical and performance tests. We will only ship you coils of the length you have selected. You'll be informed in advance when your products are ready for shipment, and you'll be assured that we know the history of every machine we sell. Sales managers have access to information on stock balances, sales statistics, product reserves, and lead times.

Clarity of work

We are committed to avoiding errors in our work. To do this, we have built a scheme to reduce the risk of errors when selecting products and preparing them for shipment.