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Quick couplings

Quick couplings are intended for quick-release changing of overhead equipment.  Quick couplings are used at highway engineering, agricultural equipment, in forestry industry, ship-building, food-processing industry, in oil and gas production, as well as in any other hydraulic systems, where prompt changing of equipment is required. 

There are three types of quick couplings: ISO А and ISO B, Flat Face, thread quick couplings

ISO A, ISO B – the most simple type of quick couplings, it has valving system, is widely spread in equipment.

  • ISO A – hydraulic application  
  • PUSH-PULL - for agricultural equipment
  • ISO B – industrial application 
  • IRB (carbon steel) 
  • IRBO (yellow metal)
  • IRBX (stainless steel)
  • FLAT FACE – has flat ground, that guarantees minimum oil leakage when disconnecting, as well as protects the system from dirt contamination.
  • FIRG – quick coupling with locking ground (ISO 16028), is used in hydraulic systems, where it is essential to eliminate the possibility of external oil leakages and presents risk of dirt contamination in liquid.
  • FIRG AX / FL (stainless steel) for aggressive environments
  • FIRG Q (carbon steel with high-temperature treatment) for medium aggressive environments (for example, distilled water, glycol-water mixtures) 
  • FIRG A (external connecting part- thread)
  • APM – coupling for drainage, has triple valving system(double internal discharge valve and valve with locking ground),  it is meant for residual pressure in hydraulic system
  • AHD – connector for coupling APM 
  • A-HP – special construction of quick coupling, withstanding pressure 700 bar 

Screwed quick couplings – jointing, used at high, impulse pressures, most often is used at quarry machinery. 

  • IV-HP – screwed quick couplings are intended for high-pressure systems, up to 700 bar, and are used for cylinders and hydraulic jacks.
  • VEP-P – are used at high working pressure and when it is necessary to connect at residual working pressure in the system.
  • VP-P – are meant for residual pressure in hydraulic system, have safety ring, protecting from unspecified disconnection at strong vibrations. 
  • VEP-HD – are meant for residual pressure in hydraulic system, has indication of complete connection and flange connecting part. 
  • VLS – this type of quick couplings was specially constructed for the market of excavation equipment, able to resist regular pulsating loads, hydraulic impacts in systems with advanced working mode. 
  • VD – thread and saddle packed quick couplings, which are made from carbon steel with high-temperature treatment, are intended for systems with impulse pressure
  • VR – quick couplings with a special valve,  which affords to lower oil loses when disconnecting (only metric thread)  

In the range of products, produced by Stucchi S.p.A, are presented SATURN units, multiconnectors, 5 and 65 bar valves, plugs, special quick couplings. 

Main advantages of quick couplings, made by Stucchi S.p.A, are:

  • High quality of materials and assembling
  • Long useful life
  • Wide range of products
  • Compatibility with quick couplings of other producers (atandard ISO A,  ISO B, Flat Face)