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Hydralics fittings

High pressure hoses – flexible pipelines, which transfer energy by means of transportation of oils, emulsions and other hydraulic liquids. For connection of high pressure hoses with counterparts are used hydraulic fittings. 

Fittings for high pressure hoses

Fitting for high pressure hoses – is a connecting piece of pipeline elements, being installed in the spots of bends, increasers and connections of tubes with different diameters.

Types of hose fittings

As a rule, systems with hose fittings can operate in temperature range from -20 up to +120°С for carbon steel and form -60 up to +200°С for stainless steel.
Hose fittings come under three series, depending on the tail type:
  • Universal series – is used with all types of high pressure hoses (except spiral hoses).
  • Interlock series – is used for crimping spiral hoses, however it is necessary to skive internal and external layers of the high pressure hose;
  • CS series – is intended for crimping spiral high pressure hoses; there is no need to skive the internal and external layers of the hose.

To purchase hose fittings from “Hydravia” company

We offer you high quality fittings, produced by the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Cast and Tieffe, as well as hose fittings under the brand name Powermaster.

 We can offer you hose fittings for any equipment, produced in USA, Japan, Europe, China or in Russia. All our fittings are marked, that facilitate their identification.

 According to the type of seal hose, fittings are divided as follows:
  • BSP, JIC, JIS – cone seal;
  • DKO-L, DKO-S, SFS, SFL, STECK – O-ring or cone seal;
  • DK – sphere seal;
  • NPTF, BSPT, NKT – cone thread seal;
  • ORFS – gasket seal;
  • Banjo – seal by means of a bolt.
Hose fittings differ also by the thread type: 
  • Metric thread - DKO-L, DKO-S, DKL;
  • Inch tread - BSP, BSPT, JIC.
The tread may be cylinder or conic. The hexagon size is marked by letter “S” and is similar to the wrench size.

We have internal classification, depending on price/quality ratio:
  • Basic category – Powermaster fittings;
  • Standard category – Cast fittings;
  • Professional category – Tieffe fittings.
Hose fittings are produced by the following companies: Rastelli Raccordi, Vitillo, Manuli, Veba.

 Hose fittings are crimped (swaged) with the ferrules. This process is called crimping (swaging). For this purpose should be used compatible hose fittings and ferrules. “Hydravia” offers the widest range of certified products in every category. We build-up the stock regularly, ready to offer you minimum delivery time.