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Precision Tubes for hydraulic application

Hydraulic tubes are essential part of many hydraulic systems. The advantages of such systems are long service life and high strength. The tubes could be used in hydraulic systems assembling of many machines in road-building area, agricultural area, forest industry etc. The rigid hydraulic system is worth to be used when you can not assemble flexible line or do not have flexible units.

Hydraulic tubes are produced with steel of different type, cooper, aluminum under cold drawn process. After the it is ready, the tube is to undergo plating process; there are several types of treatment as zink-plating of phosphating. The plating helps to enlarge service life and develop performance characteristics.

Each tube is to be certified under the production is finished. The producer make several tests to make certificate for each tube of each batch.

Our company offer high quality precision tubes; the tubes are produced in a factory in Slovakia under our brand Verso.

The product range includes:

  • cold-drawn precision seamless tube without special treatment: tubes are plated with oil after the production is finished; the respective standard is EN10305-1 (DIN 2391)
  • cold-drawn precision seamless tube with zink plating acc. to EN10305-4 (DIN 2391/C)
  • cold-drawn precision seamless tube with phospate plating acc. to EN10305-4 (DIN 2391/C). Zinc plating process includes yellow chromium coating or passaging; no 6-valent chrome is used in the process

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