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Thermoplastic hoses

Thermoplastic hoses SAE R7, SAE R8

Thermoplastic hoses are applied as flexible pipeline for middle and medium pressure systems. Thermoplastic hoses are used in municipal vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery, where presents high pressure and resistance to aggressive environments and high temperatures is essential, when it is impossible to use common high pressure hoses. Thermoplastic hoses have increased resistance against different oils, solvents, paints, polishes, air, gas, biofuel, hot oil and others.

Construction of the thermoplastic hose

In its construction a thermoplastic hose resembles a high pressure hose. Internal layer is produced from polyester, polyamide or teflon, external layer is produced from polyurethane, construction may be reinforced by metal braid or polyester fiber.

Advantages of thermoplastic hoses

Main advantages of thermoplastic hoses are:

  • flexibility
  • abrasive resistance
  • smaller bend radius in comparison with high pressure hose
  • resistance to high temperatures
  • resistance to aggressive environments
  • non-conductivity

Types of thermoplastic hoses

Fluoroplastic hoses (PTFE-hoses), first of all, are intended for flexible connection of hydraulic lines, where increased resistance to high temperatures, pressure and aggressive environments are required, as well as operating in conditions of increased vibration and hydraulic impacts in working liquid. Flexible fluoroplastic hoses have simple construction. Internal layer is a fluoroplastic tube, external layer – stainless steel braid, which increases strength characteristics of the hose and protects from mechanical damage. Fluoroplastic tube can be smooth and corrugated. Corrugated tube increases flexibility of the hose, but such hose becomes much more expensive, withstanding lower pressure in comparison with smooth-wall hoses. That’s why in special matters it is recommended to reinforce (armor) these hoses with additional metal spiral. For elimination of static electricity the tube may be produced with addition of special antistatic carbonic compound. Usually PTFE hoses are connected with common hydraulic fittings, crimped with smooth ferrules.

Characteristics of PTFE hoses

PTFE hose have the following properties:

  • resistance to many liquids and gases, including alkalis, solvents, oils, aggressive acids
  • wide range of heat-resistance (teflon hoses are used in wide range of temperatures)
  • flexibility and low weight (they are more flexible and lighter, than high pressure hoses and spiral wrap hoses)
  • low friction ratio (small pressure decline)
  • anti-adhesion (the hoses can be easily cleaned, that increases their life time, moving material doesn’t cling to the walls of a hose)
  • resistance to atmospheric precipitations and ultraviolet rays
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