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Holding Structure

United Hydraulic Company group ltd was organized in 2008 as an import and export agent for Hydravia ltd, Hydral ltd and H-trans ltd. Later they became distributors of UHC ltd in Russia and CIS. More than 100 employees (office staff, warehouse staff, and production staff) work in our group. Head office and warehouse is in Saint-Petersburg. We have a branch in Moscow and Murmansk. We divided our product range into 3 quality level and each company in the group have to distribute one of them.
Hydravia ltd is a key player on hydraulic market in Russia and CIS countries. The strongest and the oldest company in our group. It is synonym of top quality product range. Hydral ltd is focusing on distribution of products that are convenient for most of the customers from road building construction till agriculture sectors.
H-trans ltd is a franchising company. They have to develop H-POINT TM project in Russia.
H-point ltd – a company that develop the retail business of small workshops.