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Our company was founded at a time when the need for quality service in the field of pipeline exceeded all possible offers on the market. At the right time and in the right place - so we are working today. Our task - quality service for each partner from the buyer to the supplier.
Working since 2004
9000 м2
production and storage
Every year we are moving forward by expanding inventories, increasing production and storage capacity, introducing new products to the range. Since 2010, we are based in the two capitals - the main warehouse, office and production is located in St. Petersburg, and the largest branch with it's office, warehouse and production is located in Moscow. Total warehouse, industrial and office space is more than 7000 m2.
From the beginning, we have chosen to be a federal strategy player, equally close to the regions of the Far East, as well to the central part of Russia. From the western borders of Russia to Kamchatka is a sphere of our interests. However, our partners encourage us to go beyond the borders of the Russian Federation and since 2007, we are an important player in Kazakhstan and Belarus.
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of Russia 

Our personnel                                                                                       Striving for continuous development, we form a team of young and promising employees who wish a lot and work effectively to achieve the goals - of their own development and the development of the company. We're thorough in interpersonal relationships, demand a lot of ourselves, take action and initiative. The system of internal training in the company allows our employees to get basic knowledge in the short term. The system of internal assessment helps to correct errors. The staff is the main value of the company.

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