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Since 2010 we set a goal to built in Russia and CIS a sales network following our rules, traditions and trademark.

To achieve that, in 2011 we started franchising project H-POINT

In 2013 we have established and opened our flagship workshop in Saint Petersburg, as an example of high quality service we'd like to provide and represent in our retail chain. It also became an examplary workshop in H-POINT™ project and an educational centre for new participants.

In 2014 we've became an international project by opening workshops in Republics of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

To find out more about franchising project go to (Rus).

What is H-POINT™ franchise?

  • Promising business field, combining retail nd production;
  • Ready-to-go business model, proven track record of successful workshops;
  • Big sales market for workshop's products and servises;
  • Ability to provide competitive prices to customers;
  • Special conditions for opening and extablishing workshops: discount for purchasing equipment and initial inventory;
  • Wide range of products ready to be shipped from Saint Petersburg and Moscow warehouses;
  • Training for franchisee and their employees;
  • Technical and marketing support provided.