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VERSO's PTFE hoses

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Every year VERSO creates new products and today we offer three types of PTFE hoses:
  • VERSO PTFE braided hose (plain tube)
  • VERSO PTFE double braided hose (plain tube)
  • VERSO PTFE braided hose (corrugated tube)

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) hoses are used for flexible couplings of hydraulic lines in various mechanisms, where resistance to high temperatures, high pressure and aggressive environment are critical, as well as ability to perform subjected to vibration, pressure and hydraulic shock.

Flexible Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) hoses have a simple construction. Inner layer made of PTFE tube, outside layer made of braided stainless steel, which increases hose's strength properties and prevents mechanical damage.

PTFE tube comes in two types - plain and corrugated. Corrugated tube increase hose's flexibility, but it makes hose more expensive and designed to withstand lesser pressure than plain tube, and in special cases require to be armored by additional metal spiral. For static discharge tube can be made with carbon antistatic additives.
Often PTFE hoses are connected by standard hydraulic fittings crimpled by special smooth ferrules.

PTFE hose has the following properties:
  • resistance to various liquids and gases, including alkalis, solvents, oils, aggressive acids.
  • wide range of thermal stability (Teflon tubes used in wide temperature range)
  • flexibility and low weight (more flexible and lighter than high-pressure and metallic hoses)
  • low frictional code (low drop in pressure)
  • anti-adhesive (hoses are easy to clean to prolong their durability, transported substance does not settle on hose’s surface)
  • resistance to precipitation and UV.

PTFE hoses, as well as high-pressure hoses, are manufactured in Italy, compliant with necessary quality standards.