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Parker Parkrimp No-Skive SX35 hydraulic hose line

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Hydraulic hose Parker Parkrimp No-Skive SX35 series with a multilayered spiral winding are made according to ISO 3862.

The hose of the SX35 series has a unique No-Skive frame and a thin outer layer and belongs to the category "Compliant". This means that such sleeves are economical, fully meet the basic requirements of generally accepted international standards, and even exceed them in certain parameters (for example, in terms of expiration date, environmental aspects, etc.). The tests to which the sleeves are subjected take place in more severe conditions than the standard for testing hydraulic hoses implies.

Hydraulic hoses Parker SX35 are optimal for use in any high-pressure systems. The most popular area of use in high pressure hydraulic systems is construction, in particular mobile machinery.