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Heavy Duty Sleeves

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Parker has expanded the R35TC / RS35TC-48 series with ParLock technology with new large sizes -40 (ID 63.5 mm) and -48 (ID 76.2 mm).

These sleeves have been specially designed to increase flow rates and are designed to meet the highest requirements for various applications.

Parker R35 TC-40 is tested at high impulse loads at an operating pressure of 35.0 MPa and with a dynamic safety factor of more than 4:1. RS35TC-48 is approved according to ISO 6807-D for offshore and drilling applications.

Due to the increased diameter of the sleeves in combination with a very high pressure, the flow rate can be increased, which reduces the need for numerous production lines and leads to a significant reduction in costs. In addition, these sleeves have an abrasive-resistant coating and are designed for ultra-heavy operating conditions.